Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beach, Beer and the Archbishop

Sent by Carrrie Kafka - Office of Young Adult Ministry

G'Day from Sydney!
Carrie (far left) with other WYD pilgrims.

Yesterday was a "full-on" day as the Aussies would say. The pilgrims from our diocese were excited to begin the World Youth Day festivities. After Catechesis concluded, we headed into the city to check out all the youth festivities. Seven young adults from the diocese traveled to Bondi Beach for festivities with Father Stan Fortuna and the Franciscan Friars.

Daniel Neff at Bondi Beach

Short Bondi Beach clip

After spending some time on the beach, we headed to Theology on Tap in Paramatta (a suburb of the city). Archbishop Chaput from Denver spoke on the importance of not living a double life as a Christian and there were over 700 young adults present from all over the world for the talk. After speaking for 30 minutes, Archbishop fielded various questions from the audience.

Denver Archbishop Chaput at P.J. Gallagher's for Theology on Tap

I was inspired to see that God is working through Theology on Tap and pubs and beer to reach Catholics and non-Catholics alike -- even across the hemisphere!

eBenedict sponsored by the Archdiocese of Sydney has full coverage of Archbishop Chaput's talk.