Friday, July 18, 2008

BXVI's txts and Benedict's texts

BXVI's txt message to WYD pilgrims for July 18:

"The spirit impels us 4ward 2wards others; the fire of his love makes us missionaries of God's charity. See u tomorrow nite -- BXVI."

Beyond fun and fellowship, WYD is an opportunity for the young of the world (and not just those in Australia) to learn what the Vicar of Christ is saying directly to them. The Vatican website has been posting the full text of Pope Benedict's talks and messages throughout WYD.

Pope Benedict's talk to a group of disadvantaged youth at a rehabilitation community today is particularly powerful. Here's and excerpt:

"The cult of material possessions, the cult of possessive love and the cult of power often lead people to attempt to “play God”: to try to seize total control, with no regard for the wisdom or the commandments that God has made known to us. This is the path that leads towards death. By contrast, worship of the one true God means recognizing in him the source of all goodness, entrusting ourselves to him, opening ourselves to the healing power of his grace and obeying his commandments: that is the way to choose life."

Read the whole thing.