Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chant as Active Participation

Todd Flowerday of CatholicSensibility has a piece today at InsideCatholic offering advice on how parishioners might constructively introduce, or re-introduce, chant into parish liturgies. The following paragraph is worth pondering, and all the more interesting since Todd is a self-described progressive:

"If the parish liberals are howling by now, emphasize the progressive political and social considerations here: Chant moves against the market-driven excesses of contemporary liturgical music. It negates the abuses of overbearing leadership from the organ console or the cantor's microphone. It places all the singers in the church on the same communal footing. And it's an exercise in participative democracy -- as well as participative liturgy."

Todd was formerly liturgist at St. Thomas More parish in this diocese and now serves at the campus parish for Iowa State University.