Thursday, October 2, 2008

Facebook Bishops

Mary's Aggies reported a while ago that Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock was the first American bishop to sign up for Facebook. There seem to be a few more now and the UK has tons of them including Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Birmingham and Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Edinburgh. There's even a petition page asking a UK bishop who's a Facebook holdout to join.

And there are a whole lot more bishops on Facebook who may not even know they're there by way of fan clubs. Some of these clubs are quite active, posting articles by and about their favorite bishops, but most just seem to be a collection of people saying "Hooray for my bishop" or trying to find others of like their favorite prelate.

Turns out both Kansas City bishops have Facebook fan clubs. Click on the profile pics below to join the I Love Bishop Finn group page or the Fans of Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann page. Be warned, the links won't work if you're not on Facebook.