Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marriage Matters To Kids - Yes on Prop. 8

This video was sent to me by a friend in California who's concerned about the institution of marriage. Proposition 8 in California would overturn a California Supreme Court decision mandating same-sex marriage in the state. Passage of Prop. 8 is critical for the entire country, because it would send a message to courts that the people will not tolerate activist judges redefining marriage.

Here's some more information about the video and the MarriageMattersToKids website sent by my friend:

"The video was made by a group of San Francisco Catholics who thought that the adult-centered individual rights focus of the current marriage debate in California did not tell the whole story--in fact was a very superficial view of marriage of what marriage means and is. We decided to make a video on what marriage means to the family, society, but especially what it means to kids. We interviewed families, experts, parish priests and Bishops and asked
the following questions:
What is the meaning of Marriage?
Do Children have a fundamental right to a Mother and a Father?
Do Mothers matter? Do Fathers matter?
Does natural marriage benefit society? If so, what are the dangers of redefining marriage?
What about equality, and the dignity of the homosexual person?

On there are also extended interviews with Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Diego, Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco, and Bishop Allen Vigneron of Oakland as well as a Constitutional Analysis by Laurie Messerly Stewart."

(Ed. Note - Unfortunately, due to Jack Smith's lack of tech talent, the preview picture is not the same as on the original video, but the video is the same.)