Monday, November 3, 2008

Bishop Finn on Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt has posted the transcript of his radio interview with Kansas City - St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn today, excerpt:

"HH: Bishop Finn, a lot of Catholics are wondering what to do tomorrow, it’s voting day. And I want you to sum it up for them, because it can’t be repeated enough how they’re supposed to approach this most important civic exercise with a sort of Catholic worldview.

RF: Well, I think that they have to see their apostolic mandate to do what they can to support human life. This slaughter’s been going on for so, so long, and it’s going to be a tough battle before us no matter what. But we can’t set it back that much more. People have to realize that they will be held accountable for these important decisions before God. I won’t know. They’ll do what they do privately. So they have to pray. They have to pray for the light of the Holy Spirit, they have to study what the candidates stand for, but also study what the Church teaches. The teaching is exceedingly clear. Don’t follow a false shepherd. Read it in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Read it in the statements of our Holy Father’s. And they’re non-partisan. They’re not even Americans. But again and again, they hold up for us the values of life. And then pray for the fortitude on the determination to exercise this important act of patriotism in a way that expresses a virtue and a value, rather than hides behind a party.

HH: When you say they will be held accountable for their votes, do you mean that it could cost someone their eternal soul?

RF: Well, of course. I mean, the decisions that we make are important, and they have…you know, these people who get elected, they don’t just arrive all on their own. We elect them. We, you and I support them or we don’t. And so we have some participation in that. Now you know, someone wrote to me and said well, you know, I voted for Obama, I’ll repent later. And well, you know, I hope that God does change a heart if they feel that they’ve made a terrible mistake and to have to repent. But it’s much more important and vital that we make the right decision when it’s before us.

HH: Do you think, last question, Bishop Finn, thanks again for being here, if someone votes for Obama and they know they’re voting in their mind for abortion rights absolutism, could they receive, under the Church’s teaching, Communion the very next day?

RF: Well, they shouldn’t. It’s not a matter of public action, so it’s not the same scandal as a public official who places, a legislator who places a public vote in support of abortion. But no, if formal cooperation, there’s absolutely no doubt about it that if you agree with the right of abortion, you shouldn’t be, you’re in grave sin. You shouldn’t be receiving the Sacraments."

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