Friday, November 7, 2008

Great Pro-life News in the Dem Caucus

Steve Ertelt at Lifenews reports that five pro-life seats were added to the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives. "This will be only the second time in 30 years that the number of pro-life Democrats increases instead of decreases," said Kristen Day, head of Democrats for Life America. The organization supported several pro-life candidates for House seats.

I had the pleasure of listening to the passionately pro-life and passionately Democrat Day when she spoke to participants in San Francisco at the Walk for Life West Coast. Her organization exists to:

- elect pro-life Democrats to office

- support pro-life Democrats while in an elected position

- promote a pro-life plank in the Democratic Party platform

- achieve pro-life legislation with the help of national and state pro-life democrats

- participate actively in Democratic party functions and offices

If you lean Democrat and support the pro-life cause, check them out.

An additional race pitting a Catholic Democrat underdog against an incumbent Republican is still too close to call in Virginia's 5th District Congressional race. At the moment, Democrat Tom Perriello is running 800 votes ahead of incumbent Republican Virgil Goode.

Unfortunately, if Perriello wins, he won't be adding to the number of pro-life Democrats in Congress. Perriello, the co-founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, ran as a pro-choice candidate. Go figure!