Monday, December 1, 2008

Grail Psalter Preview

Abbot Gregory Polan sent along a comparison between the 1963 Grail Psalter and his new translation approved by the U.S. Bishops and awaiting the Vatican recognitio. Make sure to read our previous post about the local creation of the new psalter.

Abbot Polan chose today's psalm for comparison. The beginning is similar, but verses 5-7 seem stronger and more physical to this untrained eye:

(1963) The Grail Psalms

Psalm 122(121) Laetatus sum

1 I rejoiced when I heard them say:

"Let us go to God's house."

2 And now our feet are standing

within your gates, O Jerusalem.

3 Jerusalem is built as a city

strongly compact.

4 It is there that the tribes go up,

the tribes of the Lord.

For Israel's law it is,

there to praise the Lord's name.

5 There were set the thrones of judgment

of the house of David.

6 For the peace of Jerusalem pray:

"Peace be to your homes!

7 May peace reign in your walls,

in your palaces, peace!"

8 For love of my brethren and friends

I say: "Peace upon you."

9 For love of the house of the Lord

I will ask for your good.

The Revised Grail Psalms (2008)

Psalm 122 (121)

1 A Song of Ascents. Of David.

I rejóiced when they sáid to mé,

“Let us gó to the hóuse of the Lórd.”

2 And nów our féet are stánding

withín your gátes, O Jerúsalem.

3 Jerúsalem is buílt as a cíty

bonded as óne togéther.

4 It is thére that the tríbes go úp,

the tríbes of the Lórd.

For Ísrael’s wítness it ís

to práise the náme of the Lórd.

5 Thére were set the thrónes for júdgment,

the thrónes of the hóuse of Dávid.

6 For the péace of Jerúsalem práy,

“May they prósper, thóse who lóve you.”

7 May péace abíde in your wálls,

and secúrity bé in your tówers.

8 For the sáke of my fámily and fríends,

let me sáy, “Péace upon yóu.”

9 For the sáke of the hóuse of the Lórd, our Gód,

Í will séek good thíngs for yóu.