Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help Spread FOCA Email Campaign

Many of you know that the USCCB is encouraging parishes around the country to join in the National Pro-Life Postcard Campaign to Congress opposing the Freedom of Choice Act or any other piecemeal approach to expanding or funding the abortion regime.

I just spoke with Deirdre McQuade at the US Bishops' Pro-Life Office and she is working on getting out the message about a concurrent email campaign.

All you have to do is:

1. Go to this link

2. Fill out your name and address

3. The system automatically figures out your Representative and Senators and sends them an email with your opposition to FOCA or any similar measure and urging them to maintain existing laws against funding and promotion of abortion.

It took me less than a minute. This has nothing to do with the misleading emails on FOCA that have been going around. This is an official campaign of the US Bishops and the National Campaing for a Human Life Amendment.

McQuade says you don't have to be Catholic - or even a registered voter - to participate. You can also still send an email even if you signed a postcard in your parish.

McQuade has already posted the instructions to a facebook group with 85,000 members. Imagine the impact if every pro-life blogger encouraged their readers to join the email campaign.

Everybody can help spread this campaign. Post a link to your MySpace or Facebook page or blast a link to all your email contacts.

The reason FOCA isn't yet introduced in Congress is because the Catholic bishops and pro-life leaders have been uncommonly vocal and strident in opposing it. Greater opposition from more Americans might encourage Congress not to expand abortion funding or promotion by other means.

Please join the campaign.