Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abortion Reduction Study Phonied Up

Turns out the much touted Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good study on abortion reduction used the wrong data. Garbage in, garbage out. Catholic News Agency has the full story.

This one is a whopper. U of Alabama poli-sci Prof. Michael J. New:

criticized the report’s finding that parental involvement laws and other state laws restricting abortion have little impact on overall abortion rates.

“Since parental involvement laws only directly affect minors, Wright should have mentioned that analyzing their effects on the overall abortion rate is not a methodologically sound way to gauge their actual impact,” New wrote.

In other words, the report extrapolated the efficacy of parental consent laws by counting its effect on women who don't need parental consent.

Bottom line, according to New:

“Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good continues to miss opportunities with their abortion research,” New told CNA.

“I think that they would be more effective if they would be more willing to publicly acknowledge the positive impact of pro-life legislation and try to constructively work with pro-life groups to promote social policies that will further reduce abortion rates. Instead Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good seems primarily interested in providing moral, political, and theological cover for supporters of Barack Obama and other Democrats who support ‘abortion rights.’”

There's much more to read in CNA's report.