Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog Headline of the Day

Feds Gear Up to Off Baby Boomers When They Get Too Old to Change the Beatles CD

Make sure to read the article Mark Shea links to as well as his commentary. Secondhand Smoke also addresses this "sneaky little" provision in the "stimulus" bill today.

This medical rationing idea appears by the report to be straight out of Tom Daschle's book. Well, he's gone, but his ideas remain and an even more strident advocate of the Culture of Death is poised to take the helm of HHS - Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius is distinguished primarily by her efforts to secure Kansas' standing as "the abortion capital of the world" - Jack Cashill's entirely accurate description of the Sunflower State.

Here's Governor Sebelius giving the "you go girl" sign to her bag man, the butcher of Wichita - Dr. George Tiller - who brags on his website that he has "more experience in late abortion services with fetuses over 24 weeks than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, more than 60,000 since 1973."
Here's what Governor Sebelius or Dr. Tiller or you and I looked like at 24 weeks: