Friday, February 27, 2009

Catholics in Alliance' New Falsehood

UPDATE: OSV has corrected its story. See update.

Last week, The Catholic Key Blog reported on the relationship between Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good chair Elizabeth Frawley Bagley and the Obama campaign. That report showed that Bagley is a major DNC fundraiser, a member of the Obama campaign's national finance team, and was a coordinator of Catholic outreach for the campaign. This despite CACG's continued insistence that it is a non-partisan Catholic social justice group.

Our Sunday Visitor mentions our report in its March 8 issue (subscription only) and gets this response from CACG's executive director Alexia Kelley:
Alexia Kelley, executive director of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, says that it was no secret that Bagley was a big Democratic fundraiser before the election in November, noting, "it was already out there in many stories that she was this Democratic fundraiser." She said that Catholics in Alliance also has Republicans on its board, including former Vatican Ambassador Thomas Melady (1989-1993 under President George H.W. Bush).

But her statement is not true. There are 11 voting members of CACG's board and Ambassador Melady is not one of them, according to their website. He is listed as one of 40 people on an advisory council to the group.

Six of the 11 voting members of CACG's board were donors to the Obama campaign. Four have no record of federal campaign contributions and one gave a small donation to a Democratic candidate in the past. None are identifiable with the Republican party or Republican candidates as Ms. Kelley told OSV.

Along with Bagley, board members who donated to the Obama campaign are Melba Novoa, Alfred Rotondaro, Stephen Schneck, Mark Tuohey and major donor to the DNC and pro-abortion candidates Agnes Williams.