Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Novena for Protection of Marriage Urged

Oral arguments in three lawsuits attempting to overturn California's Proposition 8 will be heard by the State Supreme Court on March 5.

San Francisco-based Catholics for the Common Good (not to be confused with a similarly named D.C. group) is asking Christians across the country to pray for the judges and attorneys in this case. They are specifically seeking the intercession of St. Joseph, Ss. Joachim and Anna, St. Thomas More, Blessed Junipero Serra and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

CCG was the lead Catholic lay group supporting the passage of Proposition 8. They're hoping you'll join in a Novena and fasting for the preservation of the will of the people and the definition of marriage in California. The Novena begins today. Below are suggested prayers. More ideas can be found in this printable pdf.

A Morning Offering

Heavenly Father, I offer You my prayers, works, joys,
and sufferings today, and unite them with those of the
whole mystical Body of Christ. Imploring the intercession
of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I beg You to protect marriage
as authored by You at the very time of creation.

Open the minds and hearts of the California Supreme
Court Justices to accept Your Divine Plan for marriage.
Inspire the Justices to consider the delight You take in

Guide them with wisdom and understanding of the
rights of children to know and be cared for by their father
and mother.

Fill them with right judgment and courage to decide
legal challenges to marriage on their merits, and to
uphold the sovereign power of the voters.

Send Your Holy Spirit, we beg You, upon the attorneys
to guide them in their presentations and to make their
arguments compelling.

We ask these things in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

St. Joseph, earthly father of Jesus and protector of the
family, pray for marriage.

Ss. Joachim and Anna, grandparents of Jesus, parents
of His mother Mary, pray for marriage.

Prayer at Other Times of the Day

Dear Father in Heaven, You are Lord, not only of
individuals, but of nations and governments. I thank
You for Your law, which our Founding Fathers
acknowledged and recognized as higher than any
human law.

Jesus, in performing Your first public miracle during the
wedding feast of Cana, You confirmed the goodness of
marriage. Continue to bless marriage in our day by
guiding the Justices of the California Supreme Court to
uphold Proposition 8 against its attackers.

Holy Spirit, please strengthen me and all supporters of
Proposition 8 so that we never despair, not even in the
face of ferocious opposition.

Grant us strength, fortitude, and energy to persevere in
the work for life, marriage, and family. Amen.

St. Thomas More, father of a family and patron of
lawyers, you defended your nation’s law with your
life. Please intercede for us in this legal challenge to

Blessed Junipero Serra, missionary to California –
pray for marriage.