Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama Campaign Manipulated Catholics

Turns out Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was an organ of the Obama Presidential Campaign - all the while claiming to be a nonpartisan group promoting "awareness of the Catholic Social Tradition".

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley is the board chair of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. As reported here earlier, Bagley is anything but nonpartisan. In fact, she has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the DNC and scores of pro-abortion Democrat politicians including Al Franken, Barbara Boxer, Claire McCaskill, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She personally raised at least $350,000 for the Obama campaign and was a member of his national finance team according to an interview in the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror.

The former Ambassador to Portugal and Clinton State Department official is wife of RJ Reynolds tobacco heir and former DNC Finance Chair, Smith Bagley.

This and other undeniable ties between Catholics In Alliance (and its bad cop twin Catholics United) with the DNC and pro-abortion politicians was known and reported here and elsewhere during the campaign. Both groups vigorously denied their obvious partisanship throughout the campaign. They even wrote to my bishop and posted a protest on the Catholics United webpage saying I had smeared them (without any significant challenge to my substantive claims).

Their calculated message downplaying the importance of the abortion issue was spread to Catholics throughout the country through syndicated articles in diocesan newspapers from Catholic News Service. CNS always identified the groups as nonpartisan and continues to do so after the campaign.

However, one day after the election, on November 5, Bagley sat for an interview on the internet broadcast Paltalk News. Host Gary Baumgarten introduced Bagley as the person "who was responsible for getting out the Catholic vote for Obama," - a claim she did not deny. In his synopsis of the show, Baumgarten also describes Bagley as "an official of the Barack Obama campaign."

A link to the full interview is broken, but a portion is still on YouTube below. The interview starts at the two minute mark.

Bagley's status with the Obama campaign is also confirmed by the above referenced article in the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror published before the election. According to the report, she had originally been doing Catholic Outreach for the Clinton campaign, but after the primary:
It never crossed her mind to do anything but support Obama’s candidacy with every resource she had. After taking a break for a few days on the island, she’s headed to the Democratic National Convention, which convenes Monday in Denver.

She’s part of the national finance team for the Obama campaign, having personally raised about $350,000 for the candidate, much of it at a dinner in Washington with Caroline Kennedy earlier this month. She also plans on holding a dinner for his vice-presidential choice, whomever that may be.

A staunch Irish Catholic, she’s doing Catholic outreach work for Obama, just as she did for Clinton, trying to make inroads with a demographic the presumptive nominee had largely conceded to his opponent, she said.

I jump back on this topic, because Catholics in Alliance/Catholics United remains in the news spinning their deceit - as reported today by American Papist.

It should be clear now to Catholic and secular news editors that the groups are not nonpartisan and they should be labelled for what they are.