Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pelosi and Archbishop Niederauer Did Meet

On February 8 according to a report by Michael Voris at RealCatholicTV. There's no link, because it's a video report behind a registration page. I watched it so you don't have to. Here is the relevant information:

1. They met in San Francisco at the home of a third party on February 8.
2. Voris confirmed this with Pelosi's office and the Archdiocese of San Francisco.
3. A Pelosi spokesman said the meeting was "good".
4. Pelosi won't be changing her mind on abortion.

So what to make of the OSV report linked here yesterday quoting both the archdiocese and Pelosi's office saying they have not met? Why when the Speaker had 166 days to meet with Archbishop Niederauer did she do so on Feb. 8? Why did spokesmen for both offices not know about the meeting as late as Feb. 13? Why was the existence of the meeting kept secret until Pelosi had her hoped-for photo-op (sans photo it turns out) with the Pope?

Gibbons Cooney has some interesting speculation on all these questions over at A Shepherd's Voice. Take a read.

For the record, I want to confirm Gibbons' assertion that OSV reporter Valerie Schmalz' "integrity is beyond question". She is also a friend of mine and we actually discussed the story before it was posted at OSV. She printed what she was told by the most relevant and authoritative sources.

Secondly, I would take issue with Gibbons' speculation that "either the spokesperson for the Archdiocese did not tell the truth, or he did not know what the truth was." I am certain that on Feb. 13 when archdiocesan spokesman Maury Healy responded to Schmalz that he reported what he knew. I also know Healy (he's a friend and former boss) and he is also a person of complete integrity.

Lastly, I'd say Gibbons' bottom line is probably correct: The secrecy and disinformation around this meeting only serves one person - Nancy Pelosi.

I recommend his post.

And just for fun, here's "The Blog Headline of the Day." Again by Strange Herring. He's on the blogroll now, so head over there often.

Nancy Pelosi to Meet with Pope, Will Warn Him that 500 Million Cardinals Will Lose Their Jobs if Abortion Is Not Kept Legal and Safe

UPDATE: Valerie Schmalz also updates the story at OSV.