Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CNA Tackles VOTF Connection to Anti-Catholic Bill

CNA has an excellent report tying the ideas of Fairfield Prof. Paul Lakeland and the actions of prominent VOTF members with the conception and introduction of Connecticut Bill 1098. Some interesting excerpts:
Voice of the Faithfull’s website admits in an online video, “In the past, we’ve had trouble defining who we were; we’ve had a branding issue which has hurt our fundraising ability” In response, their leadership has clearly spelled out a new strategic approach, which broadens its previous focus on protecting children, to embrace an agenda aimed at reducing the power of the hierarchy, eliminating a celibate priesthood and introducing female priests. . .

Dr. Lakeland believes, in this specific case, that it’s appropriate to use local and state legislation to “put the subject out there for discussion,” and further explained that the Voice of the Faithful developed out of “frustration with the Institutional Church.” . . .

Concluding his support for the bill he said, “I see absolutely no chance whatsoever of the Institutional Church making a change in this direction without pressure from somewhere outside the Church. There’s not even the most remote likelihood that the Church would adjust in this direction itself. I think this is a way of putting pressure on them to make changes and bringing the issue into a more prominent setting.”

CNA also reports of Lakeland that he is "Fairfield University Chair of Catholic Studies, Voice of the Faithful Member, former Jesuit Priest, and author of several books including “The Liberation of the Laity: In Search of an Accountable Church.”"

I'd note a number of Jesuit Universities have been involved as harbors and promoters of VOTF. More on that later. Back to my paper job.