Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conscience, Catholics, Connecticut and Cloning

It's production day at The Key, so no blogging this morning. Do see though:

1. Tom Hoopes at the NCRegister with on the ground reporting, analysis, prediction and advice for those attending tomorrow's hearing on Connecticut's Anti-Catholic Bill 1098.

2. AMPapist with a roundup of very strong reaction to the Connecticut Bill

3. An awesome essay at The Catholic Thing on lessons President Obama can learn from President Lincoln on conscience rights - particularly with regard to Catholics.

4. Secondhand Smoke also thinks Obama's promise of no "cloning for human reproduction" really means yes to cloning for research. I wrote about that here. He also reports that the president's executive order also rescinds support for non-embryo destructive stem cell research - something the press widely missed.

5. And don't miss Bishop Finn's reaction to yesterday's executive order.