Thursday, March 26, 2009

San Francisco Archdiocese Challenges Pro-Obama Catholics

On the front page of the Archdiocese of San Francisco's website today is a link to an article by George Wesolek, long-time Director of Public Policy and Social Concerns for the Archdiocese, titled, "The honeymoon is over".

Wesolek came on board under former Archbishop John R. Quinn and has worked tirelessly and effectively on issues of health care, worker and union rights, restorative justice, against the death penalty, for peace in the Middle-East, on interfaith alliances, and encouraging, supporting and securing funding for numerous community organizing initiatives in the City.

He has also created a model of cooperation between the social justice and respect life functions in a diocese. Both functions have co-existed effectively under his direction for some time. In short, he is the demographic that the rhetoric, if not the actions, of the Pro-Obama Catholic campaign organizations has been aimed at. In fact, he writes:
Along with others, I heard during the campaign from pro-Obama Catholics and Catholic organizations established to promote his candidacy that Obama would accomplish more than the previous administration to curtail abortions and promote life using "non-divisive" strategies. I have been eagerly looking for indications that this was indeed the case.

He then laments the well-known list of the president's anti-life actions since coming into office, including pro-abortion nominees, Mexico City Policy reversal, conscience protection erosion, reversal of embryonic stem-cell funding ban, and then says (emphases mine):
Most distressing, is that there is no reaction from those pro-Obama Catholics and Catholic organizations that were and are apologists for Obama and his policies. These organizations - Catholics United, Alliance of Catholics for the Common Good, Network and others - provided Catholics with a scenario that painted Obama as "pro-life." Some of them openly said that they were pro-life and would work to move policy in a pro-life direction under Obama. Where are they now? Where are there any policy initiatives that would blunt the irrevocable thrust of these Obama actions early in his presidency?

The culture of death is making deeper inroads in our national policies and there is almost no response from Catholics who helped elect President Obama. It is time for them to step up to the plate.

The whole article is here.