Thursday, March 12, 2009

UK Doctors - Kill or Get Canned

or "struck off" as they say in England. Today's UK Catholic Herald reports:
The General Medical Council (GMC), the doctors' regulatory body, is to warn medics they could lose their licence to practise if they refuse to carry out "living wills" in which patients can be starved to death if they become incapacitated by illness.

Dr Stephen Brennan of the Catholic Medical Association said it was "a very sad day" and "worrying". He said: "Already we do look over our shoulders."

Critics believe the new guidance for doctors and nurses represents a reversal of the traditional purpose of medicine, which is to save life.

Neil Addison, a barrister, said: "The ethics of medicine are being fundamentally altered. The basic idea for doctors that you're doing no harm is being changed. Legally, doctors could be accused of assault."

Read on. An interesting point is made that doctors are craving for clearer guidance from bishops on end of life issues.