Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Archbishop Dolan's 1st News Conference

The City Room blog at the New York Times has first report on this morning's press conference with Archbishop Dolan. And there are some great quotes:

Will he be a change agent?
The most scared responsibility that a bishop has, Tim, is to pass on the faith that remains changeless and has for 2,000 years. So in substance, Timothy, in the quality, no, I couldn’t change things if I wanted, because they’re not mine to change. I’ve often said our goal is to change our lives to be in conformity with Jesus’s church, not to change the teachings of Jesus’s church to be in conformity with what we want.

What about getting Catholics back to Mass?
“They want to believe without belonging,” he said. “They don’t mind being the sheep, but without shepherd. They want to be part of the family, but only if they’re the only child.”

Elaborating on that analogy, he added, “We’re not used to our families sitting down and having quality time together… in our natural families. You shouldn’t be surprised that our supernatural families are having the same downward trend. It’s something we have to work on.”

It’s very interested what you raised, in that what we see in the sociology of people that leave the church, many of them, most of them, … go to the evangelical mega-churches, where they find the preaching of the Bible, the Gospel, the teachings of Jesus, preached with particular vigor and clarity. I wonder if we have to examine our conscience as a church to say have we done that… or have we gotten a little too subjective… diluting, watering down the essentials of the faith.

Much more of interest. Read on.