Friday, April 24, 2009

Kansas Bishops' Conference Responds to Sebelius Veto

The Kansas Catholic Conference has responded to Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius' last minute veto of a bill which would have enforced Kansas' existing restrictions on late term abortions:


Today Governor Kathleen Sebelius vetoed SB 218, legislation approved by large majorities in the Kansas Legislature that would significantly aid the enforcement of existing late-term abortion law. Today was the last day for the governor to sign or veto the bill, otherwise it would have become law.

The governor waited until the very last minute, perhaps in the hope that the United States Senate would confirm her nomination to be secretary of Health & Human Services, thus relieving her of the obligation to act on this legislation. When it became clear that the Senate would not vote on her nomination by today, the governor did the expected — she sided with the abortion industry against the unborn, and against the women who are routinely provided misleading information by that industry.

We hope that the US Senate will closely scrutinize this latest action by the governor, and view it in the context of a long, consistent, and unmistakably clear record of support for the most extreme elements of the abortion industry.

Kansas, despite having one of the strictest late-term abortion laws in the country, is internationally known as a haven for the practice of particularly barbaric late-term abortion procedures — the kind most abortionists will not do. And no one has done more to ensure that Kansas retains its status as sanctuary for the likes of George Tiller than Governor Sebelius.

Kansas law only permits abortions on viable babies in circumstances of grave danger to the mother. Yet every time the life of an unborn child past the point of viability (often well past that point) is ended without any attempt to meet the demands of the law, the will of the people is flouted. Every time a woman is told that a baby with arms, legs, brainwaves, and a beating heart is just a piece of tissue, the abortion industry puts more money in the bank, and politicians like the governor collect another campaign check.

This situation is a moral catastrophe, and utterly out of tune with the values of the people of this state. We are again Bloody Kansas, only now it’s to our shame.

Next week, the Legislature will reconvene to conclude its 2009 session. It is expected that an attempt to override the Governor’s veto will be made. We will provide additional information on that possibility in the coming days.