Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Near KC? - Find Out Why Green Sex is Best!

NaraFrom the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph Young Adult Office:

America is a country going "green". We recognize the consequences of injecting harmful chemicals into our food, our water, and our air -- and yet, there is an unbelievable disconnect! Millions of women in America unknowingly put toxic chemicals in their bodies every day by taking "the pill" or other contraceptives.

Join Dr. Janet Smith at Nara for appetizers, cocktails and straight talk on the harmful effects of chemical contraceptives. She'll address the alarming figures on how much has been paid out by Johnson & Johnson and other pharmaceutical companies to women harmed by "the patch". Dr. Smith will also explain why women who use chemical contraceptives are attracted to different men than whom they would naturally choose and why excess estrogen is so harmful to the environment. This is important information for women and men -- and it very well could change your life!

Doors open at 6 PM for a Cocktail Hour (cash bar) and Appetizers on us!

- Mini silver dollar sandwiches
- Chicken drummets in spicy mango bbq sauce
- Shichimi spiced roasted red pepper hummus with wonton chips
- Assorted vegetable tray with Nara wasabi ranch dip
- Edamame with sea salt

Dr. Smith's talk starts at 7 PM and the cost is only $5!

Nara Event Space
1617 Main Street
Kansas City, MO [map]

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City on a Hill Young Adult Ministry
Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph
816.756.1858 x 552

Janet Smith will also be speaking at this weekend's Gospel of Life Convention. Read about it here and sign up for the Convention here.