Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wyoming Catholic Paper to Shut

With other downsizing announced at the Diocese of Cheyenne. From the Capser Star-Tribune, emphases mine:
CHEYENNE -- The Wyoming Catholic Register, first published in 1952, will close as part of a reorganization plan for the ministries of the Cheyenne Diocese, Father Michael Carr, diocesan administrator, announced Monday.

In addition, the Family Life, Education, Youth Ministry and Stewardship Offices in Casper will be eliminated and reorganized into a single office in Cheyenne.

"The Register has been a great avenue of communication for the diocese since 1952 and really it's a shame," Carr said Monday in a telephone interview. "We're going to look at doing a periodic bulletin."

The reorganization is necessary, he said, because of a decrease in interest income from investments and lack of additional sources of one-time money.

"The Bishop's Appeal has continued to do well. That's not a problem," he added, referring to the annual fundraiser for diocesan ministries.

Carr mentioned the current difficult economic times in his announcement.

It is most important, he said, that the church redirect its stewardship efforts to support "those in grave need."

The one-time money that helped keep the newspaper afloat in recent years came from a sizable bequest and the sale of a couple of diocesan properties.

The newspaper has been distributed free for many years to members of the churches in the diocese.

According to the diocesan Web site, the total expense for the Wyoming Catholic Register was $233,385 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008.

The reorganization will affect a number of employees.

The office in Cheyenne employs a full-time editor and a part-time advertising salesman.

The three offices in Casper have about seven employees, including three directors and support staff, Carr said.

They will be reorganized into one office in Cheyenne with a director of ministry and an associate director.

Downsizing is likely to happen at non-profits of all types. Donations for many charities, churches and non-profits are holding and for certain ministries going up, BUT the financial situation for non-profits across the board is down. That's because many non-profits and funds - colleges, retirement accounts, parishes, dioceses, charities, etc., rely in large part on investment income to operate.