Friday, May 1, 2009

L'Osservatore and America Both Wrong on Facts

In the midst of a screed against Mary Ann Glendon and bishops opposed to the Notre Dame honor for Obama, Michael Sean Winters at America gets way too caught up in his shilling for the president and reports:
The Pope’s newspaper even commended him for seeking to limit the number of abortions by supporting the "Pregnant Women Support Act," a bill that has also won the endorsement of Cardinal Justin Rigali.

Except, the Pope's newspaper did not commend him for "seeking to limit the number of abortions" or for "supporting the 'Pregnant Women Support Act'". What the L'Osservatore article did say is:
A certain surprise has otherwise come about in these days through a bill designed by the Democratic party: the Pregnant Women Support Act would move to limit the number of abortions in the United States through initiatives of aid for distressed women.

It says nothing of the president's support for the bill, because the president has not indicated support for the bill. He has not endorsed it in its current incarnation and neither did he support it as a Senator when it had been introduced in previous sessions. The L'Osservatore article also nowhere lauds the president for seeking to reduce abortions. Indeed, it would be wonderful if the president did endorse the Pregnant Women Support Act, as it would certainly bolster the bill's currently thin support.

For its own part, L'Osservatore demonstrates a certain ignorance of the American political scene when it falsely reports that the Act was "designed by the Democratic party." The act was in fact created by the Democrats for Life of America which no informed observer would confuse with the Democratic Party.

The act has been introduced in three congressional sessions by pro-life Democrat Lincoln Davis with Rep. Chris Smith as lead Republican co-sponsor. In each session it attracted a small group of co-sponsors from both parties. Regrettably, major support for the bill has not materialized from either party. There are currently 26 cosponsors in the House, while a similar sounding but altogether awful bill by extreme pro-abort Rep. Louise Slaughter has 137 co-sponsors in the House. This is why Cardinal Rigali sent a letter to members of Congress seeking additional co-sponsors for the Pregnant Women Support Act.

In a future post we'll look at the difference between the Pregnant Women Support Act and the Slaughter bill and why the semantic difference between "reducing abortions" (DFLA) and reducing "the number of unwanted pregnancies" (President's term) is so important.