Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Urgent Missouri Action Items - Coerced Abortion, Death Penalty

Encourage the MO Senate to Ban Coercive Abortions

The Missouri House approved a measure two months ago banning coerced abortions in the state. So far, there has been no action in the Senate since Kansas City Senator Jolie Justus and St. Louis Senators Joan Bray, Rita Heard Days and Robin Wright-Jones have filibustered the bill.

The radically pro-abortion Senator Justus who represents the Brookside, Waldo and southern neighborhoods in Kansas City and Grandview discussed her inane twitter feed on the floor of the Senate during her filibuster all the while complaining the bill's sponsors were wasting the citizens' time.

Negotiation is under way to bring the bill back to the Senate. Please follow this link to send a message to your Senator that you support a ban on coerced abortion in Missouri.

Ask Governor Nixon to Support Clemency for Dennis Skillicorn

Dennis Skillicorn's execution date has been set for May 20. He would become the first person executed in Missouri since 2005. Kansas City - St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn has asked the governor to commute his sentence to life in prison. Background on this item was posted here yesterday.

Now the diocesan Respect Life and Human Rights offices are asking you to join in the call for clemency. A sample letter is below. You can cut and paste it into this form to send your message to the Governor:
Dear Governor Nixon,

I urge you to grant clemency for Dennis Skillicorn who is scheduled to be executed by the state of Missouri on May 20, 2009. Along with many others, including the Catholic bishops of Missouri, I believe society and public safety would be better served if Skillicorn were allowed to continue his worthwhile prison ministries.

Since his arrest in 1994, Mr. Skillicorn had been involved in numerous worthwhile activities in prison, including the editor of Compassion, a national publication authored by death row inmates and dedicated to victim outreach. The magazine has raised over $34,000 in scholarships that have been given to family members of murdered victims.

Mr. Skillicorn has been a full time employee of Set Free Ministries that ministers to thousands of prisoners in Missouri and Illinois helping offenders find the healing power of God's love. Mr. Skillicorn also began an annual charity carnival at the prison, the proceeds of which go to charitable community organizations.

Please don't ignore the fact that twelve current and former Department of Corrections staff and volunteers have pled for mercy on Mr. Skillicorn's behalf, sending letters requesting clemency. Several of these individuals have stated that Mr. Skillicorn's execution would negatively impact the safety of both the paid staff and the inmate population within the prison.

Please commute Mr. Skillicorn's death sentence to life in prison without parole.


(Your Name)

Here's the link to the governor again.