Monday, May 4, 2009

Want a Catholic College with Great Sports - Go KU

Well, the University of Kansas isn't Catholic - It's a state school. But there's a lot of great Catholic stuff happening there. Check out this article from our neighboring archdiocesan newspaper, The Leaven, on evangelization efforts by students and staff at the St. Lawrence Center at KU, excerpts:
LAWRENCE — On a recent Tuesday, University of Kansas freshman Leann Tracy was racing across campus so as not to be late for her art class. As she blazed down the sidewalk in a flash of red, no one could miss the large block letters on the back of her shirt that spelled out “Ask me why I’m Catholic.”

Tracy wears the shirt every Tuesday. When asked why, her answer is unequivocal: “Because it’s starting a revolution!”

And she’s right. KU is indeed undergoing a revolution of sorts – Catholic students are taking their message to the streets.

In this, a formidably secular environment, Catholic students find their faith challenged on all sorts of fronts. But now there is a sanctuary, a home base, where they can turn for answers to the many questions college classes — and even college life — give rise to.

It’s the Red Tuesday table hosted by the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, and it’s changing the way KU students think about faith, God, salvation, their world, their future and Catholicism. . .

. . .“One thing we try to focus on at St. Lawrence,” said Matt Kemnitz, director of formation at the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, “is that we’re all together on the same mission and unified.

“The Sisters are seasoned evangelists and fan out around the table approaching students in the crowd. The rest of the staff answer questions when needed, but often stand back and let the students take the lead.”

“You want to be a witness [yourself],” added Kemnitz, “but your job is to help form [the students], build them up and equip them. I think the witness of the students is more powerful than getting the fully comprehensive answer.”

“That’s why we have our catechetical classes here,” added Father Beseau. “The students are coming in and they don’t know their faith when they get here. So we have these classes where they can learn their faith, and they’re able to put that into practice immediately.”

Read more. Also check out the website of the St. Lawrence Center.