Thursday, June 18, 2009

Carrie Prejean, Archbishop Niederauer Get Pink Bricks

The Pink Brick is awarded annually by the organizers of San Francisco's Pride Parade to "a person or institution that has caused significant harm to the LGBT community."

This year, organizers voted to give it to former Miss California Carrie Prejean for her publicly-stated belief in natural marriage.

Some thought this trivialized the anti-award. Matt Dorsey, who works as press rep. for San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, wrote in a May 28 Bay Area Reporter Op-Ed:
The improbable recognition for a beauty pageant sideshow doesn't merely trivialize our community's struggle for equality. It also misses an important opportunity to identify a far more influential figure who did as much as anyone to strip the fundamental constitutional right to marry from LGBT citizens in California.

In fact, we need not have looked beyond our own city limits: San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer. . .

. . .It is not too late for members of the San Francisco Pride Committee to reconsider its decision about this year's Pink Brick recipient – and it should.

At a critical moment in LGBT history, we owe it to our movement to acknowledge we have foes more formidable than a 22-year-old beauty queen. We owe it to the next campaign for marriage equality to assure our opponents they will be held accountable for their unconscionable tactics. We owe it to our community to Pink Brick Archbishop George Niederauer.

So yesterday's Bay Area Reporter says Pride Parade organizers have responded to "'thoughtful feedback' from community members", and decided to give a second Pink Brick to Archbishop Niederauer. Pride board President Mikayla Connell said:
"We hope that with this Pink Brick, we can educate the community about Archbishop Niederauer's work to deny LGBT couples equal protection under the law. Archbishop Niederauer's support of Proposition 8, which is not representative of all faith communities or even of all Catholics, has only served to harm LGBT families, many of whom are Catholic themselves . . .

. . .Connell also said that Pride finds it "extremely disturbing that a church leader in a country founded on the principles of freedom, including religious freedom, would use his position in the church to fight against the secular right of LGBT people to form legally recognized marriages."

The Reporter article credits Matt Dorsey for bringing attention to the far worthier recipient.

Dorsey, by the way, is an elected member of the parish council at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in San Francisco.

It's not easy being Archbishop of San Francisco. God bless him and all of our bishops.
(HT to A Shepherd's Voice who has much more info.)