Thursday, June 11, 2009

Click This Video and a School Gets Built in Sudan

We've written before about Kansas City's St. Pius X High School students efforts to help retired NBA star Manute Bol build a school in Turalei, Sudan. You can help just by clicking on a youtube video.

In short, Bol, a Sudanese native who now lives in Olathe, Kansas, sponsors the education of 300 youth in an area of Sudan with no school. The students currently meet under a tree. Bol wants to build them a school and students at St. Pius X in Kansas City, Missouri are helping him. So far the students have raised $8,000.

The students' service project has been entered into a contest called True Hero: Rewarding Community Service. The winner of a competition between service projects gets $5,000 for the project.

Here's how you can help. Click on the video below. The service project video with the most views gets $2,000. Then visit the project page and vote for the project. The project with the most votes gets $3,000. They're very close. You could make the difference. Pass it on.