Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Milingo Ordains Bishop, Says Wierd Stuff

A report from the Daily Nation says excommunicated Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has ordained today Father Daniel Kasomo as bishop of Married Priests Now of Kenya.

Following the news, Milingo says some interesting things:
Archbishop Milingo said many more priests had declared their marital status and the group’s membership was growing in Kenya. The prelate said it was time the Catholic Church changed its doctrine on celibacy and allowed priests who wished to marry do so.

He said his group will not secede from the Catholic Church but will champion its interests from within. “We are not there to play champion,” he said, adding that celibacy had resulted in priests falling by the wayside. He said that in America, many churches were facing bankruptcy due to cases dating years back.

I don't see how he could secede, since he's already kicked out. I'm also unaware of any parishes facing bankruptcy due to a priest getting married.

But he's not following the news. This is the first time I've noticed a report of the Archbishop's true inspiration:
Accompanied by wife Maria, Archbishop Milingo said he received a message to marry from Virgin Mary who asked him to also “go and do something for married priests.”He said married priests were suffering as they were punished and never forgiven.

One more gem:
“A woman is not only a sex object. It is wrong for the church to expect a priest to pretend to close his eyes or not look closely at a woman,” he said.