Sunday, July 26, 2009

Updated - 20 Awesome Prolife Democrats and 2 Tremendous Phonies

Twenty Democrats in the House of Representatives joined all but 9 Republicans last week in voting to defund Planned Parenthood in an amendment offered by Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) to the Labor / HHS Appropriations Bill. The Amendment failed, but I'd like to share some information about these prolife Democrats, as well as some info on two betrayers who should have been among their number.

1. The 20 are largely new in Congress. Two are Freshmen. All but five were elected in the last 10 years and the vast majority are in their second or third term.

2. Except for Rep. Madeleine Bordallo from Guam, ALL of these pro-life Dems are from the Midwest or the South. (Two are from West Virginia - Not sure where that fits officially). None are from the Northeast, West or West Coast.

3. Nine of the 20 are Catholic - certainly higher than the percentage of Catholics in the House. But the flip-side is that there are 98 Catholic Democrats in the House. So 81 percent of Catholic Democrats voted to give hundreds of millions to a eugenic society that is the largest abortion provider in the U.S. Two of the 38 Catholic Republicans in the House did as well.

4. Fifteen of the 20 have 100 percent ratings from the National Right to Life Committee in the 111th Congress. None scores less than 66 percent.

Two Representatives not among the 20 are Reps. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Tom Perriello (D-VA).

Ryan used to be pro-life and now has a 0 per cent score from NRLC. We've written about him before and about the disastrous patronage bill he is sponsoring for Planned Parenthood and NARAL ludicrously named the "Preventing Unintended Pregnancies, Reducing the Need for Abortion and Supporting Parents Act".

Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee wrote today of Ryan, my empases:
"First, on July 7, the House Appropriations Committee voted to repeal the longstanding ban on public funding of abortion in the District of Columbia -- and Congressman Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who poses as a pro-life lawmaker for purposes of undercutting genuine pro-life efforts, was among those voting for government funding of elective abortion, with funds appropriated by Congress."

And the Family Research Council said of his bill, HR 3312:
The Ryan bill contains no provisions preventing recipients from promoting or referring patients for abortion. Since Planned Parenthood -- the nation's largest and most profitable abortion provider -- is funded under the Ryan measure, inevitably the group will use the funds it receives to encourage the very procedure the bill says it wants to make more rare.

Thomas Peters at American Papist today issues a call for concerted effort to defeat HR 3312. He gives much more information about the bill and provides a number of easy action items we can do to defeat the bill.

Defeating this bill is much more important than the bill itself. As Peters notes:
In the wider picture, the DeLauro-Ryan bill is a preview of coming attractions: What DeLauro-Ryan floats as legislation, should it pass, is the type of "solution" the Obama administration will offer to the problem of abortion in White House-sponsored initiatives.

In other words, Obama's long-awaited solution to the number of abortions is - not surprisingly - to further fill the coffers of the radical pro-abortion lobbyists and organizations which helped him and his associates win the White House and Congress.

President Obama's point-person on finding "common ground" to reduce the need for abortion, the former EMILY's List Board Member Melody Barnes, has already indicated she likes the bill and its approach. So now's the time for action. See AmPapist's post for simple things you can do.

A second Democrat of interest not among the 20 voting to defund Planned Parenthood is Freshman Congressman Tom Perriello (D-VA). Perriello won his seat in one of the most surprising upsets in the November election, unseating longtime Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode. Goode had served in Congress as both a Democrat and Republican for five terms easily defeating adversaries in each contest. Perriello beat him out of a sixth term by only .24 percent of votes cast.

Perriello is an excellent campaigner and organizer and was an early adopter of the attractive "common ground" rhetoric. In fact, he was a co-founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and in 2006, Catholic News Service wrote of him, my emphases:
Tom Perriello, a co-founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, told CNS that efforts by the Democratic Party to reach out to Catholics, especially in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia, states with close, key Senate races, seem to have succeeded.

The "life does not end at birth" campaign of 2004, organized by a coalition of Catholic groups led by Pax Christi USA, was the start of efforts aimed at persuading voters to choose candidates on a broader basis than abortion alone, Perriello said. Catholics in Alliance this year had a series of ads headlined "As simple as right and wrong," which picked up that theme and which have resonated with evangelicals and Catholics alike, he said.

Perriello is optimistic about that success meaning the end of the sense that Democratic candidates must support abortion "rights" to get anywhere within the party.

Perriello the candidate was coy about his position on abortion, but his record in Congress is unambiguous. He has earned a 0 per cent rating from National Right to Life Committee and is a co-sponsor of the Ryan-DeLauro Planned Parenthood bailout bill. In his actions, the "common ground" Catholic Democrat is indistinguishable from forthright supporters of the abortion industry.

Which is why I wanted to highlight these 20 brave Democrats whose prolife actions should be valued above the "common ground" rhetoric of others who are simply masking their pro-choice agenda.

So while you're following up on AmP's action items, take a moment to thank these brave Democrats. Several have as a result of an earlier version of this post. Why don't you?:

Bordallo, Madeleine, Guam
Boren, Dan, Oklahoma, 2nd
Bright, Bobby, Alabama, 2nd
Childers, Travis, Mississippi, 1st
Costello, Jerry, Illinois, 12th
Davis, Lincoln, Tennessee, 4th
Donnelly, Joe, Indiana, 2nd
Ellsworth, Brad, Indiana, 8th
Griffith, Parker, Alabama, 5th
Lipinski, Daniel, Illinois, 3rd
Marshall, Jim, Georgia, 8th
McIntyre, Mike, North Carolina, 7th
Melancon, Charlie, Louisiana, 3rd
Mollohan, Alan B., West Virginia, 1st
Peterson, Collin C., Minnesota, 7th
Rahall, Nick, West Virginia, 3rd
Shuler, Heath, North Carolina, 11th
Skelton, Ike, Missouri, 4th
Taylor, Gene, Mississippi, 4th
Wilson, Charles A., Ohio, 6th