Friday, August 7, 2009

At Lourdes - 'God didn't heal Julie's heart, He opened it'

The Kansas City Star ran a really beautiful story on the front page today about a local 12-year old Catholic school girl, excerpts:
. . . family game night. They were playing “Life” when Julie, nauseated, went to her room to lie down. Her family heard a thump, then Julie tumbled down the stairs. They rushed her to the hospital.

Doctors listened to her heart, checked lab results, asked questions. They told her parents the news: Their daughter’s heart and lungs were shutting down. They couldn’t be fixed. She had maybe two weeks.

Doctors discover they can slow the disease a bit but can't cure it. Julie's school mates at St. Agnes in Roeland Park, KS raise $12,000 to send the whole family to Lourdes.
In May they went to Lourdes. Pam Garcia hadn’t expected an instant healing for Julie. But she was overjoyed when they returned. Julie seemed a little better.

She no longer needed her oxygen tank or the wheelchair, and the doctors took her off several medicines.

“God didn’t heal Julie’s heart,” her mother said. “He opened it.”

How so? Julie later got the chance for a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She initially wanted to visit Arnold Schwarzenegger, who the Star reports, was too busy.

So she asked Make-A-Wish for something no child had yet asked them. Go here to find out what.

Kudos to the Star for a great story.