Thursday, August 20, 2009

‘Thank You’ Gov. Nixon for Supporting Alternatives to Abortion Program

Back in July the Missouri Catholic Conference asked Missourians to contact Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO) and ask him to restore funding for Missouri’s excellent Alternatives to Abortion Program. The program had been targeted for axing by the state’s Department of Health.

Lifenews picked up on the story and we asked readers here to contact the Governor. It was a strong and bold campaign by the MCC and today they report:

Missouri Catholic Conference Applauds Gov. Nixon’s Commitment to Fully Fund Alternatives to Abortion Program

August 20, 2009, JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Today Governor Jay Nixon committed to fully funding the Alternatives to Abortion (ATA) program for state fiscal year 2010. Cuts were proposed by the Missouri Department of Health in June in response to the current state budget crisis.

“We thank Gov. Nixon for securing ATA funding during these difficult economic times. The Alternatives to Abortion (ATA) program is very important for thousands of women and their children, born and unborn,” said Deacon Larry Weber, Executive Director of the Missouri Catholic Conference. The ATA program, which has spanned a dozen years and four gubernatorial administrations, has proven year in and year out to be an effective means of providing help to pregnant women who may be at risk of an abortion.”

The ATA program is allocated $1.9 million, which represents a very modest investment toward saving unborn children and assisting women in crisis pregnancies. Research shows that providing alternative services encourages more women to carry their unborn child to term thereby reducing the number of abortions.

Missouri has been a leader in reducing abortions and the ATA program has been a key-component of that pro-life effort. The Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) would like to congratulate the pro-life citizens for their hard work and voices heard in support of the program.

“We are extremely pleased that Gov. Nixon has committed funding the ATA program which has greatly reduced the number of abortions in Missouri as well as provided valuable case management to these women in need,” said Mike Halterman, Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities of Kansas City – St. Joseph. “Catholic Charities is very proud of the ATA program because it speaks to Catholic social teachings and our mission.”

Sam Lee, Director of Campaign Life Missouri, said, “We are very pleased that Gov. Nixon is fully funding this valuable and proven program that helps pregnant women and their families in need and saves the lives of the unborn.”

The Alternatives to Abortion program provides services during pregnancy and for one year after the birth of the child including prenatal care, medical and mental health care, parenting skills, newborn and infant care, education services, housing, clothing, food, supplies related to pregnancy, newborn care and parenting and adoption assistance. Catholic Charities of St. Louis and Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph are among a consortium of faith-based agencies that provide these vital services.

So why not thank him:

Contact Gov. Nixon

PO Box 720

2nd Floor State Capital Bldg

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573) 751-3222