Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fred Thompson to Headline Pro-life Fundraiser in Kansas City

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson will be the featured guest and keynote speaker at a fundraising dinner this Saturday for Vitae Caring Foundation. Vitae is a non-political organization that actually saves lives from abortion. Through TV, radio and billboard ads, Vitae targets non-judgmental pro-life messages to abortion minded women encouraging them to seek out help from local crisis pregnancy centers.

They research their work and they know it works. We do too. Whenever Vitae has a campaign in the Kansas City area, calls to CPCs go way up – Women are helped and babies are saved. Here’s what Dr. Laura Schlessinger says about Vitae:

"I am a great fan of [the Vitae Caring Foundation] ads: They use an intelligent, thoughtful approach to speak to women in crisis pregnancies in a way that doesn’t threaten or badger them, but persuasively points out that there are other options besides abortion."

And Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann:

“The Vitae Caring Foundation has developed and implemented a bold, Pro-Life, mass media educational initiative that has had a tremendous impact. Vitae’s commitment to produce well-researched Pro-Life media messages, aimed at audiences who are not already Pro-Life, has proven not only to be effective in shifting public opinion but in saving lives. The Vitae Caring Foundation has found a practical method to respond meaningfully to the late Pope John Paul II’s challenge to build a culture of life.”

Seats are still available for the dinner. If you’re anywhere near Kansas City, you can make a real difference by joining us. Details for making a reservation for this Saturday’s dinner are at the end of this release:



American politician, actor, attorney, lobbyist, and radio host, Fred Thompson, will be in Kansas City to speak at the Vitae (Vee-tay) Foundation’s Annual Pro-Life Benefit Dinner on Saturday, October 24th at the downtown Marriott. The benefit raises money to help reach out to women facing unplanned pregnancies and connect them with local resources where they can make an informed decision.

Vitae is partnering with local Pregnancy Centers to launch a Call-for-Help media campaign this fall in the greater Kansas City area. Vitae will be phasing in a total of 90 billboards over the next 30 days that advertise FREE Abortion Alternatives and list phone numbers connecting women with a local Pregnancy Center where they can get free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, confidential options counseling, and many more services.

Many women feel scared and confused when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Vitae’s goal is to use advertising to connect these women with local Pregnancy Centers where they can find caring support and resources to make an informed decision. Not only do these Pregnancy Centers provide the information and resources to make that decision, but they also provide assistance throughout and after their pregnancy such as material support for mother and baby, and parenting classes.

Fred Thompson is coming to extend his support in Vitae’s mass communications effort to reduce abortion numbers. In an effort to build this campaign even larger, so that more lives can be saved, Vitae is asking for support as they develop a strategy that will reach out to those women and babies who are most in need of help.

Carl Landwehr, President of Vitae Foundation stated, “The good thing about Vitae is that we are not constrained by politics or debates over legislation. Vitae works directly with the staff of pregnancy support centers who are “in the trenches” to reach abortion-minded women and provide them with information about their options and the availability of local resources. By reaching out to these women on a personal level and providing them with good information about all of their options, Vitae is impacting their decisions and as a result, lives are being saved, and abortion numbers are decreasing!” Landwehr added, “Vitae ads work, but we need immediate help getting them before the women of the greater Kansas City area during this critical time. Please join us to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of young women and their unborn babies.”

The dinner and program will begin at 7:00 PM at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown – Muehlebach Tower on October 24th. Reservations will be accepted by calling 800-393-5791 with a registration fee of $50 per person ($25 is tax-deductible). Seating is limited, so make your reservations soon. Please visit for additional information.

And if you’re not near Kansas City, visit their website and consider a donation.