Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big NCYC Picture Post

A few more pics from the National Catholic Youth Conference in Kansas City. Click for bigger pic.


Animators at Closing Mass (Joe Cory/Key Photo)

1127_NCYC_BallNunCMYK One-on-one at the Reign Forest (Photo – John Caulfield)

1127_NCYC_kids1 Youth from the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas. (Joe Cory/Key Photo)

1127_NCYC_procession3 Eucharistic Procession (Joe Cory/Key Photo)

1127_Angrisanoguitar Steve Angrisano (Photo – John Caulfield)

1127_NCYCDiNardo_Caulfield_CMYK Cardinal DiNardo (Photo – John Caulfield)

Nov202009_1769 Kneeling for the Eucharist (Joe Cory/Key Photo)

1127_NCYC_prayerYouth from the Diocese of Charleston, SC pray at the Closing Mass (Joe Cory/Key Photo)

1127_NCYC_youth Youth from the Diocese of Syracuse, NY (Kevin Kelly/Key Photo)

Nov202009_1618 Eucharistic Procession (Joe Cory/Key Photo)