Friday, November 20, 2009

Diocesan Statement on 2009 CCHD Collection

Kansas City – St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn has sent the following statement to pastors concerning the 2009 collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development:

Concerning the 2009 Collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development,

In recent weeks, much has been written about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. While it is true that CCHD funded community organizing groups such as ACORN in the past, the Campaign ended its relationship with ACORN two years ago and has not renewed it.

At the present time, CCHD is examining all funding groups. They have affirmed that they cannot fund any group involved in partisan politics or groups that promote causes contrary to Church teaching.

Within our diocese, I review all CCHD grant applications and approve proposals only after a careful review. I take every precaution to ensure that groups that receive CCHD funds are appropriate.

In its history, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development has done much good. We would like to see such programs continue so that we can help people help themselves. The continuation of CCHD will depend on how seriously the Campaign takes the mandate of its benefactors to act within the parameters of Church teaching. I expect the CCHD collection to be taken this year, but individual donors will show their support -- or lack thereof -- according to their own choice.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development was established in 1969 and is the U.S. Bishop’s effort to address the root causes of poverty.

                                                               Bishop Finn
                                                              November 19, 2009