Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Again

A lot of blogs will make helpful posts alerting regular readers that the blogger is going on vacation. Not here. Before we left a couple of weeks ago to see my wife’s folks in Seattle and mine in San Francisco, Mrs. Smith made me promise not to mention on the blog or twitter that we’d be gone. She figures such an announcement is an open invitation to rob your house.

In Mrs. Smith’s defense, our house was broken into a couple of days before we left. Thanks to the over-the-top diligence of the Kansas City Police Department, the perp was caught and all items returned the same day. Thank you KCPD!

So apologies if you’ve bothered to check in here and especially to all my new twitter followers who signed up in response to many kind #FFs on the day I left. I’ll be feeding both outlets regularly again.

Two vacation pics:


When we arrived in Seattle, we stayed a night at the Edgewater hotel near the ferry since we were leaving the next morning to meet-up with my in-laws on San Juan Island. Ever eager to self-parody, the above is what you find in a Seattle hotel room instead of the Gideon bible. The sink in the bathroom also came with a sign explaining that it was a “vessel” and not a sink and not to expect it to drain well, because it didn’t a drain vent. The politically-correct reason for such was not explained. I think these are two details I would not have noticed if I hadn’t been living in the sanity of fly-over land for the last three years.

And speaking of fly-over:


That’s the view of Gas Works Park in Seattle from the window of the 1950s era, six-seater sea-plane we took back from San Juan Island. Moments later we landed right in the middle of Lake Union. That was a highlight, and it was wonderful to see friends and family. But it’s good to be home again in Kansas City.