Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can you guess who wrote . . .UPDATE with the Answer

“If anyone wants to have the Church changed, he must make himself the starting-point of renewal.  For the critic himself is part of what the Church is suffering from.  For usually his own life is not much of a recommendation for Christianity.”?


Well, nobody bit in the combox, except for an appreciative response from Lisa Graas. A number of people guessed on my Facebook page, including Steven Greydanus of  and NCRegister who correctly guessed that the quote sounded translated; Veronica Ambuul of the Colorado Catholic Herald who made a good guess of St. John Vianney; Sherry Weddell of the invaluable Catherine of Siena Institute who made the same guess I did when I was presented the quote by our own Jude Huntz, - Pope Benedict; and, again, our own Santiago Ramos, who came up with a fairly close answer in time and space - Fr. Hans Kung.

But the correct answer is Fr. Karl Rahner, SJ from Theology for Renewal:  Bishops, Priests, Laity. (1964, Sheed and Ward)

The quote struck me for two reasons when Jude read it to me:

1. It was an instance of a famous academic theologian indicating a humility necessary to the job which is sorely missing today

2. It is a direct indictment of me, and an appropriate corrective for my lent.