Friday, April 8, 2011

Can You Identify This Mystery Saint?

As the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph moved into new digs, we were given the opportunity to scour the archives for artwork to decorate offices. Scott McKellar in the Bishop Helmsing Institute beat me to the painting below. We have no idea who it is, but I’m hoping a Key reader can identify it.

Here’s what we know. It is signed by “B. Pozzi”, however, a small plaque attached to the frame says “B. Possi”. The plaque also says it’s the Martyrdom of St. Andrew. We’re assuming that’s incorrect and that the frame may have been previously used for another painting. At any rate, the only tradition I’m aware of has St. Andrew crucified. Also, the beheaded fellow seems to be wearing a Roman soldier’s outfit, but then again, his head is bearded, which isn’t typical of a Roman soldier.

It could be that our artist wildly mis-depicted the martyrdom of St. Andrew, but unlikely. We’re hoping someone might recognize the scene and tell us what is actually depicted. Anybody?