Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday - ‘Everybody was against him’

Luis_de_Morales_-_Pietà Everybody was against him.
Everybody wanted him to die.
It is strange.
People who are not usually together.
The government and the people.
That was awful luck.
When you have someone for you and someone against you, sometimes you can get out of it.
You can scramble out of it.
But he wouldn’t.
Certainly he wouldn’t.
When you have everyone against you.
But what had he done to everyone?

I’ll tell you.
He had saved the world.

- Charles Péguy, The Passion of Our Lady (excerpt - Translated by Julien Green, "himself one of our greatest Catholic writers," Deal Hudson alerted me, and by coincidence, the fellow who succeeded Yesterday's quote-maker, Francois Mauriac, in chair number 22 at the Académie française.)

(Pietà – Luis de Morales, 1565. Source – Wikipedia)