Friday, June 24, 2011

Kansas Abortion Mill Thinks Its Clients are Imbeciles - UPDATED - Clinic Closed

And basically tells them as much. This from the website of the Aid for Women abortuary in Kansas City, Kansas. Regarding “Appointment Days and Times,” Aid for Women instructs patients (my emphases):
Those doing a One-day appointment arrive between 6:30am and 7:30am, pay, do their sonography, and paperwork, and then wait 6+ hours, while the Two-day cases come and go through first. Any scheduling gaps will be filled with One-day patients on a First-Come-First-Served basis. This is to reduce delays caused by the disorganized people (50-75%) who come un-prepared (late, wrong paperwork, no ID, more weeks along than they thought and no more money, less weeks than they thought i.e. not pregnant or miscarried, chewing gum, brought children to the waiting room, support person can't stay, can't read quickly, language barriers) and delay everybody else.
You will be re-scheduled if more than 15 minutes late, NO EXCEPTIONS.
So after telling patients how reliably unreliable 50-75% of them are, Aid for Women gets to pay and penalties for changing your mind about having an abortion:
Cash, money orders, and credit cards (with State ID)(Mastercard and Visa but not American Express or Discover) are acceptable forms of payment. NO CHECKS. Let me repeat, NO CHECKS accepted. You must pay up front before the procedure. We no longer file insurance, but we can give you an itemized receipt with CPT and ICD-9 codes used to file claims yourself. . .
. . .Fees include sonography, Conscious Sedation, laboratory tests, and one month's cycle of birth control when samples are available. If it is determined by ultrasound that you are not pregnant, or are too far gestationally for our clinic, we will only charge you for the sonography. If however you change your mind later to not have an abortion we will deduct fees for the services done: sonography, labwork/sterile tray, and if applicable, the statutory counseling for minors. Fees from our previous sonogram within 30 days can be applied towards an abortion later. When minors come for a Judicial Waiver, sonography fees are collected first, and then if less than 15 weeks, the fees for statutory counseling.
HT to Kansans for Life Blog. Go there for much more about this clinic that may be among those shutting down now that Kansas is actually requiring medical standards at abortuaries.

UPDATE - This clinic has been denied a permit and is closing because it fails minimum safety standards and cannot "protect patients from substandard and even dangerous care."